Sunday, January 21, 2007

4 month checkup

It snowed in Austin! We had lots of ice, and even snow, the park was covered in white. It was a beautiful sight. We took the babies out side just long enough to catch a few snowflakes on their faces.

Most of Austin was shut down for half of the week, but that also meant no nanny. It was nice to have the family all home together but it was also pretty tiring. We were very happy to have Mayela return on Thursday.

Friday, the babies had their 4 month doctor appointment. It wasn't the best timing, in the middle of their nap time and overlapping into meal time. So our normally happy easy going babies were a bit rough around the edges. That plus shots made for an interesting time. We were all tuckered out by the end of it.

The good news is that everyone is growing, slowly catching up and doing well developmentally. They seem so big to me, I thought they would be higher percentile on the growth charts. Lily, who we thought was so petite turned out to be the highest percentile, so she's not that tiny afterall. The growth curves for boy and girl babies are just very different. She measured as long as Evan, which I find hard to believe. They were pretty wiggly so these measurements are probably not too accurate. Here's our latest stats:

13lb 3 oz (25%)
22 1/2 in (<5%)

12 lb 13 oz (10%)
23 1/2 in (8%)

11 lb 13 oz (20%)
23 1/2 in (25%)

Evan is rolling over consistantly, he gets up on his arms and slowly 'tumps' over to his left. So brave! Lily and Will have eached rolled over a couple times in their cribs but we haven't seen it yet.

Evan and Lily are very vocal with lots of ah goos, gees, oohs. Lily also likes to make hmmm-mmm-mm sounds and is testing out the volume of her voice with high pitched squeals. It looks like she is going to be a bit demanding, our little firecracker. But also, very happy, she smiled and laughed for the staff. Will is still growling, very cute, but generally more quiet and low key and not making many other sounds. The doctor said not to be concerned, that his nature is probably more calm and he is taking it all in. One day he should jump right in. We are to practice talking to him when the other two are not around, give him one on one time.

Evan was showing some signs of prematurity with his arms held out and wasn't interested in grabbing toys for the doctor. But at home he holds his frog paci and reaches out to the book during reading time so I'm not concerned. They all are are not very interested in reaching for toys yet, but do at times when they are in the mood. They have all been batting at toys on the activity mat for a while now.

So now we are practicing our fine motor skills, holding toys out to grab, doing more tummy time to practice rolling over and beginning to crawl. Also, spending more talking time with Will, less growling :)

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