Friday, March 23, 2007

First Night Away

David took me along on his business trip to San Diego this week. We spent a night at the Hotel Parisi. Our room had a stunning view of the Atlantic...ahh. He took Wednesday off so we could hike along the beach and enjoy a leisurely day together. We had dinner at George's on the Cove where we enjoyed some great wine, smoked mussels and an amazing view and sunset. I also got my first massage since the babies were born.

Mom and Mayela worked overtime to take care of the babies, especially since I got stuck in Phoenix on my way home for an extra night. I was very happy to be reunited with my brood on Friday. Lily even gave me the cold shoulder! but she warmed up quickly and our happy family was back together again with David's arrival from New York.

It seems that the babies changed so much in just three days. Evan is now holding his feet and enjoys playing peek a boo. They all tried out their new highchairs and sippy cups for the first time. Of course determined Lily already has it down - she can hold her own sippy cup and get her spoon in her mouth.

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