Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lily's first word

Yesterday Lily began her mastery of the English language by pronouncing "duck". This is a bit of a relief since she has been dangerously close to saying "bug" when we read Ten Little Labybugs to her. The "b" gave her trouble and she ended up sounding "gug" . Can we all agree that "duck" is a better first word than "bug"?


Anonymous said...

OK boys, since your sister has basically one-upped you on this, I have a few thoughts:

E- Your father and I have conferred, and we like the idea of your first word(s) shaking out along the lines of: quarterback, bicycle kick, motorcross, or rock n' roll. See what you can do.

Memito- For first words, I'm thinking the following: all-star catcher, batting average, home run, squeeze bunt, or grand slam. Alternatively, hot dog, double cheeseburger, ice cream, or lemon chill will do. I suggest you and Evan discuss in the corner of the den behind the chair. I'll touch base with you for coffee at Pacha on Sunday morning and you can let me know what you think is going to work best.

Besos y Abrazos Apretados,

Tio Jason

Smooch said...

That's right. The woman is smarter.

Happy Home said...

Great suggestions! you need to work with the boys on these.

Evan has noticed Lily is getting more than her fair share of attention and he has started yelling 'duck' 'duck'to get in on the action.

So, since Lily and Evan say 'duck' and 'duck', I think it would be natural for Will's first word to be 'goose'.


Anonymous said...

Goose? I'm not quite sure that would be in the mold of "guy-words" I was shooting for. While I agree that "goose" would be cute, why don't we compromise and agree on "moose"? That way, we're close to the nursurey rhyme, and Memito can preserve his place as the brusier of the group. The only downside to all this is that if his first word is in fact moose, then we may have to alter his nickname to the same.

- Tio Jason