Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chocolate = Happy Babies?

A Finland study found an association between chocolate eating mothers and happy babies. In a study of 300 women, the babies born to woman who ate chocolate were more likely to smile and laugh.

Another study by Dr. Odent found that among pregnant woman, chocolate was the most commonly craved food. He maintains that pregnant women instinctively know what foods their body needs which led him to take a closer look at chocolate. He found that chocolate is high in several important nutrients including magnesium, an important catalyst for fatty acid metabolism, critical for brain development.

Dark chocolate with less additives yield the best health benefits.

Add one more to that study. I ate dark chocolate throughout my pregnancy and we have three happy smiley babies (who also love watermelon). I'm also having some dark chocolate as I type, which bodes well for baby number four.

On another note, everyone has been standing for moments at a time. A bit more ever day. I finally caught a snapshot of Lily standing today for almost ten seconds. The boys have even managed to take a couple quick steps before falling down the last couple days. Who do you think will walk first?

I got a couple good nanny leads. We are trying out one on Saturday. She seems really sweet and I've seen her with her charges in the park. They always look happy. Don't worry, I'm not stealing her - the family she has worked for - for the past four years is moving to Houston in two weeks. One small problem, she doesn't speak english y no hablo espanol muy bien.

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