Friday, August 17, 2007

Too Hot

It's hot and humid. It feels hotter than the forecast below. We had a dry spell for a week but now more rain with hurricane season starting up. This is the time of year where I seriously consider moving away from Texas to someplace cooler. I am counting down the days until fall when we can head out to the park with out sweltering.

Nanny #2 came today. She called at 10am today saying she couldn't make it at 11am because she needed to take her daughter to get her driver's license. She said she would come at noon, then arrived at 12:20. Not a sterling start. She was sweet but just not that terribly helpful *sigh*.

Marah is coming this afternoon to help with the dinner, bath, bottle, book bedtime routine 'Bed, Bath and Beyond' as someone called it the other day. It's nice to have help in the evening- thats our busiest time of day. Then David and I are headed to an early dinner to be home by 8:30.

Marah is fantastic with the babies and has a ton of energy, but she is already a full time nanny to adorable triplet toddler girls. They are out of town this week - lucky us.

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Heather said...

I can't say I miss the Texas summers. Seattle has lovely weather.....