Friday, August 31, 2007


The tunnel arrived! We had a solid thirty minutes of fun then needed something else to do. Will, Evan and Lily managed to pry open David's closet - voila! instant fun. We played with all David's shoes for another good thirty minutes before I got tired of putting them back in the closet while the babies flung them out and closed the closet. Party over.

The grandmas can't arrive soon enough, surely they will have some ideas on fun things to do.


Smooch said...

I feel your pain. Have you tried music time? The girls love to play their instruments along with music or have dance parties. Indoor pool time is another fave, but messy. It does seem like it is more necessary to leave the house though. Try the free music class at Heartsong - it is next week. And then there is always Gymboree - huge indoor mat playground.

Karina said...
hi there, i'm delurking for the moment to share with you 2 of the funniest, most clever blogs i've run across. Triplet moms with surprise singleton blessings. Your children are gorgeous and I love that you are concerned with them becoming bilingual. Being bilingual myself is one of the greatest gifts is one of the greatest gifts my parents could have given me. Take care, I love your blog!