Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Waiting for the Mail...

Can't wait for the new play tunnel I ordered to get here. I'm running out of ideas to entertain these babies.

Maybe it's just me but I think we are getting stir crazy in this house. They have so much fun when we get out. It's time to start taking them to Gymboree or music class and more playdates.

They enjoy playing in the yard, but even David and I both can't keep up with the three of them. The divide and GO, and want to put everything into their mouth. I have already fished out several acorns from tiny mouths. The squirrels are starting to get irritated.

At least we are still getting a lot of mileage from the sofa fort...

Operation Team Freas Nanny Update

Nanny #4 We found another terrific nanny who speaks English but no Spanish. The babies really enjoyed her.

It's a difficult decision to make but we are leaning towards hiring nanny #1 for the bulk of the time. She is working for us this week. Nanny #1 is great with the babies AND has the energy and resourcefulness to keep our household running smoothly. We have the laundry machine and dishwasher running all day. We are constantly picking up bottles and toys and cleaning the floors. If the nanny doesn't pitch in, I am doing it while the nanny plays with the babies.

We also still haven't given up on the idea of exposing our babies to both English and Spanish. I think speaking at least two languages is going to be increasingly important in our global society. Bilingual babies appear to have a bit of a language delay but once they start talking they speak both languages well and catch up. I don't know if being a triplet compounds the delay though. I'm going to give our developmental therapist a call today.

We would still like to hire nanny #4 for ten hours a week (if she will accept that offer). She wants a full time job but may be able to work out two part time positions. I hope so! Would love to have them both.

We feel lucky that both these nannies have a strong rapport with the babies already. I guess good nannies love babies, and they can feel that.

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GrammaG said...

A little boy with the nickname of Memo needs to be able to speak some spanish, and so do his brother and sister! A second language will provide them with so many more opportunities.