Monday, September 17, 2007

David Returns

David arrived late last night, and not a day too soon. I missed him, the babies missed him. They were so excited to see him this morning and distraught when he left this morning. They are all crying in this photo because they each want Dad to hold them.

And I'm tired. I thought we were doing pretty well last week but the second weekend without him really did me in. I'm like a pilot who has exceeded his allowable flight hours, but is still flying. It's dangerous. Lily wouldn't have fallen down the steps at that party if he was there. David is just more careful than me to begin with and I'm more tired and a bit more scattered because he hasn't been here. Today felt like one more day that he was gone because he was at work most of the day.

I took the kids to get shoes this afternoon. Their poor feet have blisters from me letting them play outside without shoes, and these babies need to get outside these days or everyone starts to fall apart.

When I returned I unloaded all three from the car and the strollers over the back seat of the Expedition none the less, five and a half months pregnant. I was holding Evan stepping over the baby gate and knocked it over, fell and caught myself and Evan with my elbow. The gate crashed down on Will. They were both frightened more than hurt and started bawling. Lily joined in upon seeing us in a pile. We are all fine, including Quatro but I realize I am just too tired and have exceeded my allowable flying hours.

I wanted to get to the grocery store today and make David a home cooked meal. The best I could do was put in an order at Santa Rita for dinner. He is off picking it up right now.

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Smooch said...

home cooked meal? man, you have high standards. Having 4 adults and 4 babies in the house for the last 4 days zonked me out. I'm already in my pjs and Greg is cooking dinner.