Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grandma G's Garden Injury

Grandma G got a nasty but seemingly innocuous scratch on her foot and toe doing some yard work at our house. The yard looks terrific, but mom's toe got increasingly puffy and red over the weekend.

We decided yesterday that she should get it checked out so we made a trip to Seton ER. They found a pretty serious infection, down to the bone!

She was promptly admitted to the hospital and is on IV antibiotic. Doctors are still monitoring the situation and have not made any decisions on her care yet. They did mention she could be on antibiotics for up to six weeks. If things are turning around they plan to send her home in a couple of days with an IV. Her blood sugar is also suspiciously high so they are investigating possible diabetes.

Get well soon Grandma G. Babies miss you and can't wait to play with your IV line.

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Smooch said...

Oh no! Send Gloria our best. Are you sure she is not faking it so she can get some sleep for a few days?