Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Look Who is Feeling Better

Evan's smile is back.

I took the boys to the doctor today to check out their hacky cough. Good news, their chests are clear and ears look good. We were also able to get their flu shots. They have been in good spirits today. Lily is on the mend too, but you can tell she still is feeling weak. Anything she has eaten has gone right through her. A few times today she just put her head down and laid right on the floor, even on the hardwood floor.

David and Will.

Lily and me.


GrammaG said...

There could be a good chance Team Freas will be back to their healthy happy selves, just in time for the return of Granny and Papa! Yea! Evan definitedly looks better.
Hint,Hint: I have to order my Open House invitations by the 31st...so off to the pumpkin patch you go. Gramma G

Happy Home said...

Yes, we may all be better and the weather is even looking up. Maybe Clare will help me take them on Friday.

MaryBeth said...

Glad you guys are all on the mend... nothing worse than the sickies!