Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Will, Lily and Evan

Lily Clare



Will, Lily and Evan

Free, free at last.


GrammaG said...

How cute are these lion cub pictures? Evan, Lily and Will are so big. The costumes are grrrrreat.(oops I think that was a tiger)Can't imagine any other costume would have been better. Thanks for sending the photos so quickly. Love and kissses to all. Happy Halloween

Smooch said...

are these taken w/ the new camera?

Tia Christy said...

I love the little cubs... bet they were the cuddliest tricker treaters ever. I love their "free at last" photo! I've got to get that one framed! xoxo x3

Denise said...

What cute pictures. They look so happy. I hope everyone is doing great.

Rachelle said...

It was fun meeting you at the Triplet/Quad dinner the other night! The lion costumes are adorable!