Sunday, December 09, 2007


We are moving next weekend, theoretically. We don't have movers and have not packed. But we are going to try and line it up this week. We are only moving two houses down, and we don't have to empty out our house completely - yet. We just need to move the things we use regularly.

The new yard is perfect for us. It is fenced in and has grass and a low deck without a drop off. There is lots of open playspace without the hazards of our heavily landscaped yard, deck and stone path.

The trips love being outside. They have tons of fun at our park on the playscapes and just as much fun exploring, picking up leaves and finding sticks. The park is wonderful, but it is a lot of work to keep up with them. It will be nice to have options.

I think we will be spending most waking moments outside as long as the weather permits. Luckily we have very moderate weather here in Austin.

So I've been researching playhouses and playscapes to make the yard even more fun. I found this 'neat and tidy cottage' from Step2. It has a door, shutters they can open and close, a doorbell and a play sink. They may outgrow this playhouse before the other alternatives but I think we will get lots of mileage over the next couple years. I like that you can easily see in the house and that we won't have to hover (like some of the playscapes would require).

I took too long to decide, so we won't get this by Christmas, but it will be a good gift for them just before Quattro arrives. And probably bigger gift to us as it will provide lots of entertainment.


Smooch said...

We are eyeing a similar item for our yard. If you get one, can I just drop the twins off? You can manage 5 15 month olds and a newborn, right?

Happy Home said...

jenny - yes, absolutely can handle the five plus newborn. drop them by and go get a massage :)

i'm invisioning quite the set up.