Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Power, No Water

They shut off our power and water today. Apparently the owner had some outstanding bill. The guy turned it off right in front of me even though I showed him my lease agreement and are current customers in good standing. I wanted to call his boss...and his mom. Shame on him. I was mad as a hornet. Don't make an eight months pregnant mom of three toddlers mad.

The owner was even more irrate as the bill was in dispute and they had assured him they were working it out. I'm sure he felt horrible putting us in this situation too. We had a flurry of calls and a bit of drama this afternoon. I have a few things to say about Austin Utility and their red tape but let's just leave it at 'not very helpful'. The owner went down and sorted it out. Good news is that they are supposed to be back on their way out to turn it back on right now. And I'm relieved that the nice owner is not in jail as he was hopping mad when he headed to their offices.

My mom's flight will be in soon, hopefully all will be resolved before tonight or we will all be huddled together sleeping on the floor in our old house.


Denise said...

Aw shit that sucks sorry. Oh hey can I cuss on your blog?

Happy Home said...

well said nail girl :)

we do have power and water now, wheh!

what a day

Smooch said...

if you can't cuss when you have no power or water with three 15 month olds in the house, when can you?

MaryBeth said...

I don't know how you manage to get through the days being 8 months preg with 3 toddlers, even with power and water! My hat is off to you!!

Anonymous said...

I guess cutting off peoples' utilities must harden one's soul. Or perhaps being an asshole is a requirement of the Austin Utility Dept. At any rate I'm glad it's back on and that your Mom is there. Wish I were close by to help out as much as you ("Diddifer") and your mom helped me out.