Thursday, January 24, 2008

Settling In

Holden is settling into the family nicely. It is the 'honeymoon' time where newborns are sleepy most of the time but he seems to have an easy going temperment, a big appetite and sleeps peacefully. He does have a bit of jaundice that we have been monitoring closely. Hopefully tomorrow's blood tests will begin to show some resolution.

Will, Evan and Lily like to give the baby kisses and point out his nose, eye, toes or share their bottles. They seem to delight in having a baby home with us, especially Lily. It appears we are lucky that they are a bit too young for the jealously to set in. Or a least we have not seen it yet.

Nursing is going well so far. Except that my body seems to think I have three babies to feed again. The milk coming in is more painful than the c-section recovery. I've had to pump in addition to nursing to get at least some comfort, the upside is that Dad and Grandparents have been able to participate in the bonding of feeding time.

Meanwhile, it's normal busy routine for the triplets. At some point we will need to figure out how to share bedtime stories with four.


The Amazing Trips said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Holden - he is beautiful!!

You are in for such a treat having a singleton in addition to your trio. I have absolutely loved virtually every moment with our little guy and I am in awe at how great our triplets have been with him. There has been very little to no jealousy. I think the triplets are so accustomed to sharing everything (including me), there's nothing new!!

Best wishes!! :)

GrammaG said...

Holden is so very sweet. Evan walks up to him smiles, and says baby. Lily gets tickled with his arm movements and sweet sounds. Even Will now takes a closer look and smiles. I am as happy as can be with all of my grandchildren.

MaryBeth said...

Ooooh, he is so cute!! I'm glad that the little guys are not jealous of him... that is great!