Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

7:00 AM The Easter bunny has arrived.

7:05 AM Holden catches a glimpse of the bunny.

7:30 AM The 'big' kids are up.

We kept things very simple. I started to second guess not getting more but the little baskets ended up being the perfect size for them to carry around and we had plenty of trinkets.

The eggs were filled with small cars and stickers.

Will with his new matchbox cars. He loves trucks, cars and buses and can spend hours immersed in driving them around, putting them in his riding toys and pushing them around or taking them in and out of little hiding places.

9:30 AM The egg hunt commences. We told them to grab their baskets and go outside. Lily wraps her basket around her to leave her hands free.

Will grabbed two baskets and handed one to Evan before running out the door.

The eggs were filled with a fruit gummy treat or animal cracker.

Will hunting.

Each time they would open an egg they would say 'wow-woww' and 'more'.

Evan hunting.



Last few eggs before headed to Pacha for coffee then the park.

4:00 PM Easter dinner with family at the Caffrey's. Lily and Papa read a new book.

Lily, Will and Evan with Grammy Clare.

Tia Christy with Holden.

7:30 PM Home.

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Jeremy said...

That was great!

Thank you for posting it.