Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Prince

Holden will be eight weeks this Friday. He is a doll. He has big blueberry eyes with a ring of sky blue around the pupil. His hair is turning a soft brown and will likely keep getting blonder like his siblings. He has been pushing up now for a couple of weeks and is beginning to give us some big smiles and an occasional 'coo'. He rarely cries and if he does he can be calmed in moment by simply being picked up or nursed.

He doesn't really need to cry, he is held a lot of the time and gets fed as soon as begins bobbing his head like a woodpecker and making little grunting sounds. He seems long and has a buddha belly. He is a little chunk compared to our other three when they were infants. Our two month appointment is coming up, I won't be surprised if he is close to twelve pounds.

Holden goes most everywhere I go and is most content when being carried around in my Ergo pack. I've learned how to nurse him while he is in his pack which is helpful for our morning walks or at the park or when I'm preparing lunch for the trio. I learned this trick from one of my favorite blogs - amazing trips - another mother of triplets plus one who has some amazing tricks for managing her four by herself.

Holden is still sleeping in his bassinet by our bed at night. He has been consistently sleeping a good stretch between 10pm and 3am. The time change helped us out because I tend to not get in bed until 11pm, and with the time change he slept from 11pm to 4am. At 4am when he made his little grunting sounds, instead of picking him up and nursing him like I usually do I gently patted his back and he returned to sleep for another hour. We may be close to sleeping from 11pm to 5am regularly which sounds like heaven to me. After the middle of the night feed he goes back to cluster feeding and likes to nurse off and on until morning. But at least I can doze while snuggled up to him.

My little prince does not always get first class service. Yesterday Carmen and I gave Holden a bath, one of only a handful since he has been born. At the end of the day I seem to run out of energy to give him a bath. Anyway, he seemed to enjoy it. He was bright eyed and calm and didn't protest one bit.

Today I put Holden on the sofa in his car seat while I was unloading the groceries. When the kids came back from the park, Evan came over to take a peak and pulled the car seat off. Holden came tumbling out. Thank goodness he was not hurt. He cried but stopped as soon as I scooped him up.

Usually, we keep him in the bassinet in whatever room we are in. Even when he is in the bassinet I still have to keep a close eye on the trio. They like to climb up on the side and peer in, and sometimes 'give' him toys or their sippy cups.
I'm sure Holden will learn to be tough having three older siblings. But he will also always be our baby.

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