Monday, April 07, 2008

Early Summer

It feels like summer already. We inflated the baby pool and broke out the Otter Pops. We will be doing a lot of this in the coming months. Although we could use a larger baby pool. And maybe I should get some new swim diapers so that the boys don't have to wear Little Mermaid pants. Sorry about that guys, I really didn't realize I bought princess diapers.

While the kids play outside, Holden has been napping in the shade. He should enjoy camping in the great outdoors when he is older.

Also lounging in the shade is my friend Lisa, Lily's godmother. She is scheduled to deliver her baby boy tomorrow! Our boys will be less than three months apart. They will be chasing the big kids in no time.

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Smooch said...

I think y'all need a bigger pool. Just go for the giant plastic thing with a slide.