Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dear Holden

Thank you darling for being a sweet dream baby.

I am reminded by the numerous new parents at my office how tough those early baby days can be. I talk to tired moms and dads who speak of long jagged crying spells in evening or day and night sleep confusion keeping them up all night.

You never cause a fuss. Your only demand is that we feed you regularly and occasionally in the evenings we must stand and cradle you while swaying side to side. We oblige. You love to interact with us, cooing and making 'rasberries'.

Since two months old you have been going to bed easily around 9:30pm and sleep soundly through the night. You don't care for pacis (I've tried but you promptly spit them out) so there is no paci fetching in the middle of the night. You don't even cry out except for a sleep chuckle once in a blue moon. You must have good dreams.

You sleep so peacefully until the early morning when you cough twice to let me know it is time to nurse, then we cuddle together until morning.

Holden, you are already crawling a bit at just over four months! You are very strong, getting up on your hands and knees and lurching forward. It is cute how you push up to a runners start, other times you lift an arm up high trying to propel forward.

You keep a close eye on your big siblings, watching them run around like wild howler monkeys, and play. You even make their toddler squeals. I know you want to join in and it won't be too much longer now.

Mom and Dad

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Fiesty at Fifty said...

Jennifer and David,

You are two of the most wonderful parents in the world! I'm so happy that God gave your four beautiful children such amazing people to guide them through their life journey..... if only all children could be so fortunate!