Monday, July 07, 2008

House Status

Shingles - check
Stonework - check
AC - check
Plumbing - check
Electrical - in progress
Inspections/Dry wall - next week

The stone work turned out beautifully. We were able to salvage the original house stone from a rockwall in our back yard for the new second floor. It looks like it has always been there.

Four years ago we moved into this house. One day I was musing that wouldn't it be nice if we had the stone that was removed from the back of the house when it was remodeled in the early 90's. Almost a year later we realized that the rock removed from the back of the house was indeed in our yard in the form of a low garden wall.

What a nice find. Thanks to the previous owners the old stone was able to be reclaimed and is now part of the house again.

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