Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, Lily

Sweet Lily. I'm so sorry, somehow I have lost your keepsack lock of hair from your first haircut. I put it in my purse after your haircut but didn't arrive home with it. It breaks my heart, it was white blonde baby hair. I still have a bit of hope that it will show up somewhere. I promise to keep some from your next haircut. In the meantime this photo of you the day before will have to take it's place.

Lily, you are a born nuturer. I catch glimpses of how you will be as a mother. You are quite a darling. I see you immitate me or your other mother figures like Carmen, Gigi and Clare. You give Holden gentle kisses on his forehead. This evening you patted Will on the back when he fell. You say 'come on boys' when it is time to wash hands before dinner. You will give kisses and hugs freely to your siblings, but are strong and a bit fiesty too. You won't think twice about biting back when acosted and yes, maybe you have started it when a toy was threatened to be taken.

Lily, I know it will be tough at times, growing up with three brothers. But I hope that it will also shape you in a positive way. And they love you so dearly, I know they will take good care of you as you grow up together.

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Anonymous said...

I got teary eyed.... I'm such a sap!