Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Trio Turn Two!

Happy second birthday to our beloved trio! Evan, Lily and Will we are so proud of you and hope you have a wonderful birthday. Here you are with your new 'shiny red' tricycles from Gramma GG and Grandpa. Dad stayed up late last night putting them together while I baked your train birthday cake. They are just like the bike I got for my second birthday.

Evan, you surprised us my automatically pedaling around the deck like a pro. Lily and Will you too quickly got the hang of it too but we will need to add blocks to the pedals so you can really get going.

Pancakes and a train birthday cake for breakfast.


Denise said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Evan, Will, and Lily! Congrats mom and dad on surviving another year!! I hope all 6 of you have a wonderful day!!

GrammaG said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday! The past two years have been happy, exciting years. I am so thankful to have the three of you in my lives. I hope you have many happy hours riding your trikes! Love you bunches.

Smooch said...

Happy birthday! Our girls got bikes too. Glad they got their own b/c they were loving the girls bikes at the park yesterday.