Saturday, February 14, 2009

Favorite Foods

Hands down, the kids favorite food is yogurt. It is not uncommon for the four of them to finish off a large container of yogurt for their afternoon snack.

Applesauce and Popsicles are also big hits. Surprisingly they enjoy their veggies quite a bit with broccoli and carrot matchsticks at the top of the list. They also consume mass quantities of fruit. They eat a banana or two a day (which I encourage because besides being healthy they so inexpensive compared to most fruits). They also eat lots of apples, oranges, grapes and berries.

Oddly they refuse to eat pizza and I'm working on casseroles, they would prefer to eat plain chicken breast over anything mixed. A dip like ketchup or ranch usually encourages them to eat more, like most toddlers dipping food is fun.


Denise said...

My trio love yogurt too and bananas. Now, if I could just get them to eat veggies. Can you please tell me your secret? I have tried letting them dip them in ranch and all. Nada.
Cute pics of your crew!!

Happy Home said...

all i know for sure is that you can't make a toddler do anything. my only suggestions are try to put veggies on their plate for every meal, even if they don't eat them. Let them know that it is part of a normal meal. Waste is a shame, but you can steam very small portions in the microwave very easily. you can cut up one broccoli floret to make several tiny 'trees'. also, those matchstick carrots are easy and one small bag will last a while.

Also, the kids want to eat whatever we are eating so serve yourself some veggies and sit downwith them. A little reverse psychology goes a long way with two year olds 'This is mommmy's broccoli'.