Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

to you...

We celebrated the occasion last night with a few friends and a casual dinner.

Michelle baked the requisite delicious chocolate dessert.

Cards from GG and some beautiful roses I picked up for the party at our neighborhood flowershop.

These 'Anna' flowers smell amazing, softly sweet, with a touch of something like fresh grass and ocean air. It is hard to tell in these photos but they are pink, a bit more creamy in the center and almost hot pink on the very outer edges.

And then, just as we were wrapping up our little party we were called by our sweet Lily who was sick with the stomach flu. Poor thing has been languishing all day. Pray that it doesn't hit the rest of the family.


MaryBeth said...

I hope and pray it doesn't hit the rest of you!! We've just finally recovered from it... all of us. Yuck!!

Michele S said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

It seems like every time I check in on you, someone is throwing up. What's up with THAT?

Happy Home said...

MB, thanks, sorry you guys were hit with it too.

Michele, I know, what is going on? We have been sick since just after Christmas. They had the stomach flu followed by some GI bug for a few weeks, then just as they were getting better they got a nasty cold that eventually got to their chests. We really, just recovered and I was about to post about it when Lily got this bug.

I took her to the dr. yesterday and begged for Zofran. Will woke up last night complaining of a stomach ache so I gave him some and he never got sick. I don't know that he needed it but highly likely, and that stuff is amazing. Just hope this is short lived.

We need to have a reprieve.

Denise said...

Oh I do hope nobody else gets it! Those roses look gorgeous. I am glad you got to enjoy your dinner party before your poor Lily got sick. I hope she is all better and very soon. No more sickies for you guys. I think it has been enough!