Sunday, June 07, 2009

Are We Nuts?!

Early this morning David and I were debating how to spend our day. Should we go to church? Which really means that I help out with our kids Sunday School class while David goes to service. Should we go jogging to Central Market and let the kids play on the playground and feed the ducks? Lily piped up and said, "I want to go to Sea World Daddy!" We looked at each other, shrugged, and said 'OK'. Less than an hour later we were all packed up and in the car on the way to San Antonio.

It was certainly a full day but David and I agreed that it was not much more challenging than keeping all four entertained and happy at home all day. The kind man at the stroller return desk even graciously escorted us out to our car so we wouldn't have to coax our four tired toddlers all the way out of the park and through the parking lot on foot. And as a bonus they got a solid nap in on the way home. Peace and quiet, well deserved.

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GrammaG said...

Really it does seem better to have them entertained by the folks at Sea World all day than try to think of things to do with them at home. Good idea.