Thursday, August 27, 2009

Highway Robbery

This is a distant relative of Memo's beloved 'Puppy' that his godmother Julie gave him. It was made by Carter's 'Just One Year' brand in 2006 and is (was) a musical toy. Evan's lovey 'Pato' is a duck made at the same time. Now Holden has taken a liking to Puppy too. And I have come to discover this is a very popular toy. Upon searching for something similar I have discovered there are lots of moms searching for replacement 'puppies' and the going price is $35 to $40 (originally around $10). It is super floppy, a bit under stuffed so it makes for a good cuddle toy. The tie on the top of the head is fun to hold, and the tail has a handle which makes it fun to spin and bop siblings. Alas, Pato is now tail-less, and Puppy will be before long.

I was kinda hoping to find a Carter's musical puppy in a different 'model' aka another color or different enough so that it doesn't upset Memo, but still a puppy. If you come across one please let me know.

I like this one, but not for $50. Puh-lez. They are obviously trying to gouge someone in need to replace a dear lovey.

This one is a bargain at a mere $45 with shipping. And Pato for $50, pre-owned.

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betty said...

i know! my kids' first blankets (chenille from target, $15) were going for $45 - 60 on ebay!