Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pancakes and First Phrases (aka Random pre-bedtime thoughts)

David's been traveling since Sunday, we miss him and his pancake breakfasts. Holden keeps asking, "Where'd Daddy go?"

Speaking of talking, Holden has been amazing me with his language these days. He is barely 19 months and has been saying lots of short phrases for a month or two now, like 'Where did Memo, Lily, Evan go?', 'Come on Mommy', 'I want it', 'I did it', 'I get it' and will answer Dora's or Mickey Mouses questions during those shows. His Spanish is pretty good and he has a great accent. He says 'Si, Carmen', when she asks him questions, he also says things like 'Espera' or 'Wait' in Spanish. He has no problem saying 'Gracias' but is still saying 'Tank You'. It is terribly cute how he is very polite always saying thank you when I give him his milk. I love his 'Yesh, momma' for 'Yes' too. What a doll. Another funny, random thing he will do is when I bag the garbage in the kitchen, he will drag it to the back door for me.

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