Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Day of School

Today was our first day of school. I had to bribe Evan to pose for the photo. I love the tradition of the first day of school pic, standing by the front door . Memo is showing off his typical cute grin and Evan has a mischevious twinkle in his eye. Lily was really excited, she was just a bit weary after standing there waiting for me to capture and coax Evan back into the photo.

Here is a better capture of Lily, my sweet baby girl, on her first day of school, proud of her new back pack with water bottle and lunch box.

Class was only 45 minutes today, part of a graduated schedule plan to acclimate the kids. My kids didn't want to leave of course. They won't have any problem with the transition. I am really impressed with both their teacher Mrs. Nooshi and her assistant Mrs. Bonnie. Everyone raves about Mrs. Nooshi, her assistant is new so I had not heard anything but I thought she was adorable. They both instantly had a connection with the kids. I feel really good about this school and expect it to be a great year.

Grammy Clare was so nice to come down early today and help us get ready for school. Since the class day was so short Grammy and I took Holden along with all the kids and went to class, followed by a picnic on the school grounds and a special celebration trip to Yogurt Planet for yogurt of their choice and all the toppings they wanted.


GrammaG said...

Honestly,I have tears in my eyes reading todays blog....OK, I'm crying. They are not babies or even toddlers anymore. They look so precious with their backpack, lunch bag and thermos. I am so happy they enjoyed their first day of school. Interesting that Will had Puppy with him. I love Lily Clare's new shoes.Yes, Evan does have that"look". What were their comments about their teachers?

Lisa said...

before you get too weepy...they do have three years before kindergarden :)

they each got to put a special toy or lovey in their backpacks. only 'puppy' would fit in will's pack but he wanted to bring 'doggie' along for the car ride, he stayed in the carseat during school.

they really liked their new teachers.

Raji P. said...

Awww, Jennifer, too too cute! What are you going to do with all the free time? (other than drop them off, come home and get ready to back and get them? :)

I love the coordinated backpacks and lunchboxes!

Triplets and a Surprise said...

I was going to let you know I have one of the Carter's blue puppy dogs you were looking for. It just hung in our boys' cribs and they never slept with them. I'd be happy to let your little guy have it. Just let me know if you are interested

Anonymous said...

they are so, so, so adorable! cute photos by which to remember this special milestone.

Happy Home said...

Trips and surprise momma, that is soo sweet of you! Their grammy found one at an outlet and now Holden is in hog heaven, he keeps saying 'mas mamma' when the music stops.

Is your blue dog the same as in my photo? that is will's special puppy. hold on to him, if he ever gets lost I may be calling you up. although i would have to run over him and wash him 20 times to even resemble our beat up lovey.

Happy Home said...


I'll still have Holden in tow but it still is very exciting to have my busy busy trio out of the house for a bit and fully entertained. They loved school, it was so tough to get them to leave that first day. I love seeing them so engaged and having a great time.

Holden and are going to grocery shop and go to mom and tot yoga, hopefully we will have a lot of fun too.


The Amazing Trips said...

I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed themselves. I cried like a baby when our trio went to school the first time. And then, I pulled them out a few months later. But who knows. Maybe by next year, I'll be ready to send them again...?

They definitely grow up way. too. fast!! But oh, they still look so tiny standing next to the door with their lunch bags. So, so cute!!!