Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leopard Attack and a Visit with Grandma

Last week we took an impromptu visit to the San Antonio Zoo to meet up with GG who was in town for a few days to help her cousin who was having surgery. Sometimes spontaneous excursions end up being the most fun. In our case this was true. The weather was great, the zoo uncrowded, everyone was in a good mood and we had a terrific time.

We even had a bit of exciting drama. Will was attacked by a Black Leopard (Sam), twice. Thank goodness for Plexiglas. And fortunately Will was not traumatized by the attack, he asked GG if he would do it again, one more time please. He was pretty excited about the Leopard incident, 'he chased me and grabbed me.' My mom said his open jaws were larger than Will's head.

A leopard attack and a visit by Grandma, really what more could you ask for?

Holden saying 'All Aboard!'

The petting zoo complete with brushes to tend to the friendly goats.

Butterfly exhibit.

Frog pond viewing.

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Anonymous said...

You should have called! I am on my last 2 weeks with United Way which means no real work hours until after Thankisgiving.