Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Scene

Saturday we went to visit Santa with Grammy in Lakeway. The kids were very excited and eager to meet Santa.

I was impressed with the Elf helper's ability to wrangle Holden and would be happy to have one or two at home.

Evan asks for a Batman motorcycle, Will wants vanilla ice cream and two pieces of Chiclet gum and Lily wants a baby doll, a doll house and a pink scooter.

Lily gives Mrs Claus a big warm hug.

Group shot with Santa. Santa tells me that his brother has 10 year old triplets.

The kids are overjoyed to see Rudolph and their group hug knocks him down.

I give Rudolph some help.

Holden dances and sings Jingle Bells with Rudolf, now safe distance behind a rope...

or so he thinks, the team takes him down again.

A quick family photo session to capture a Christmas card pic.

And Grammy ushers her flock out the door.

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GrammaG said...

I have not been able to stop laughing. Poor Rudolph! The children really do seem excited about seeing Mr. and Mrs Claus. I am so pleased the time with Santa and Rudolph was magical.