Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet the Baby Party

The Austin Ballet ballerinas hosted a 'Sip n See'...

with me for our dear friend Lisa. David prefer's to call it 'Meet the Baby', I have to agree.

The guest of honor, 5 1/2 week old, 13 lb Hudson, snoozed the whole party.

And got passed around and admired.

A cold front blew in the day of the party, chasing away the warm sunny weather. But it ended up to be a good way to spend a cold day... inside with friends, fresh flowers, new babes and champagne.

Michelle brought her sweet doll Marin, 11 months.
Marin was especially fond of the rasberries.

The mom with her new son Hudson, younger brother to Hunter (Holden's best friend) and Aara who expecting her second boy - and will be going back to performing with ballet Austin again after this one.

Hudson's mom, grandma and aunt.

Michelle and Meredith.

It was a nice afternoon with friends.

And at the end of the party my crew was released from upstairs and consumed an entire fruit plate as their reward for playing somewhat quietly for a couple hours with Carmen.

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