Friday, April 02, 2010

Explorer, Inventor

Evan is the oldest boy in our family (by a few seconds anyway, he and Will were born in the same minute). He is extremely curious and always seems to be into or up to something. For example, when we got our new vacuum cleaner he spent at least 20 minutes examining every part and needed to try it out.

Here is is solving a problem we've been having lately - Holden getting into the refridgerator and pulling everything out. Evan found a flat stick outside and asked me for the tape. He placed a strip of tape on each end of the stick, effectively sealing the refridgerator.

Holden was appropriately foiled.

I just wish I had gotten a full photo of Evan that day. He had a badge holder on his waist (one he had procured from David's office) and was wearing black socks and crocs, that he had picked out himself.

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