Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School

Will, Evan and Lily Clare's first day of 3s Preschool.  Same scene as last year, the first few photos I snapped Lily was standing patiently, by the time the boys looked up she was getting restless.

I asked this cutie what she wanted her teacher and friends at school to call her several times over the last few weeks. Each time she said 'Lily Clare', so I enrolled her with her middle name this year at her new school.

This was Lily Cat the night before school started, she decided to draw wiskers on her face with a permanent marker.  Thank goodess a little make up remover was all it took to take it off.  Lily agreed that the teacher would probably say, "No cats allowed at school!'.

Pirate Memo, already feeling inspired after one day of school to 'get creative'.  He is usually a bit reluctant to draw and will say 'you do it for me' so I was happy that he was enjoying the window markers. Barely a widow in the house escaped his art and today he brought home a drawing from school.

Holden's first day of school was today. He was all smiles.  Yesterday was a bit rough for him, with everyone going off to school without him.  The trips will be going three days a week, and Holden will be going two days.

Proud little guy with his backpack on.  No tears at drop off, although about a third of his class was pretty distraught.  At pick up he told David 'I had a fun day!'

How was your first week? Any tears for you or your kids?


GrammaG said...

I am so happy Holden likes school. I cried every single day for the first three years of school. Hanging on to my Mom, begging her to take me home. Imagine how my Mom must have felt! You were very happy to go to school and be with other children.
How did Lily, Evan and Will do? This is the first year they are in separate class rooms.
Only 12 more days until I can see my grandchildren.

Happy Home said...

Lily Clare, Evan and Will seem to really be enjoying school too. They are proud to have their own teachers but still see each other on the playground each day.

Anonymous said...

They are so grown up! I am so glad they enjoy school!



Anonymous said...

We, here at Shands in the nursing coordinator's office, have thoroughly enjoyed watching your children for the last four years.They are all beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job.The boys are handsome, but Lilly Clare is just precious. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Blessings to your family,
Andrea Clancy