Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Trio (and Holden)

The scene is set for a birthday party at the beach.  Robot and Princess theme, as requested.  Will has been asking for a 'Candy Robot' aka Robot pinata for his birthday party for months.

Four years today we met our three babies, each with a loud kitten cry as they were born.  The most beautiful sound.  The first year was a blur...soon they were mobile and crawling and climbing everywhere...we survived the terrible twos or threes with all their mischeif and mess. 

So far four years old is looking pretty good. The triplets have been great on this trip.  They play together well, are getting much better at communicating, less whining, more conversation and imagination.  They are quite adorable. Meanwhile we haven't completely escaped toddler terror as Holden cruises around looking for trouble.  Holden the destroyer knocks sandcastles and building blocks down as swiftly as we can build them yet he will be the first to erupt in giggles or get cozy in our embrace for a nap given the chance.  It is hard to believe we had three of those sweet but terrorizing tots just a year ago.

Cupcakes are ready. Robot and princess cake toppers  from Etsy say 'Happy Birthday Lily...Evan...Will' and so we don't leave out Holden there are some that say 'We Love you Holden!' 

The kids find their cupcakes.

Lily is pleased that GG brought a Princess pinta too. 

The guests of honor preparing to open their gifts.  Holden gets gifts too.  He is too young to understand that it is not his birthday too. Besides, it is a bit of make up for getting left out and picked on the rest of the year.  Now he thinks he is three.

Candy robot. Delivered.

And another lovely sunset to end the day.


Smooch said...

Happy Birthday! You're going to have to re-do your tagline now.

Bushsquad said...

Happy Birthday kiddos! Hard to believe they are so BIG already. Looks like a GREAT family celebration at the beach. Nothing like a little fresh air, lots of room to run and a pinata...or two to bring peace to your planet.