Friday, September 17, 2010

More McBeach

Hello from Florida.  We are having a wonderful time. It is heavenly here. Our lazy days have been full of precious moments to savor. Here are just a few of my favorite things.

Morning beach walks.  Above, Will admires his shell collection and carefully displays his treasures. 

Plenty of popsicles on the porch with stunning sea views.

Evan shows us how he will surf when he is bigger.
Boogie boarding, the kid's favorite activity. They will keep going until we tell them it's time to stop.  The water is beautiful aqua green-blue and nice and warm so we love it too, but it takes a lot of work to keep up with the kids.  The current keeps taking them up the coast, so we have either walk through waist high water or swim to keep them close by.   Periodically we have to get out and walk back down the beach to the house. The kids think they are surfing.  The first day, Will kept repeating with amazement. 'I've never been surfing before!' Lily is a bit too brave and will head out without making sure we are near by.  Evan started out a bit timid but is now having a blast jumping in the waves.  Holden will only go in with an adult in hand.

Sunsets on the porch. Evenings are my favorite time of day. There is a wonderful breeze to match the gorgeous sunsets.  We eat seafood, drink wine, play music and dance.

Lily and Will dancing like Mom and Dad

Even nap time is better at the beach.  My favorite spot is the daybed in the shade on the second level porch.

Evan and Will

Hanging with family.


GrammaG said...

The Mc Beach House has been a perfect setting to enjoy friends and family. Every part of the day is nice but the evenings on the back porch, overlooking the ocean,with the gulf breezes blowing and the sun setting are the best!

Novice Mama said...

Could I please get the rental contact information for mcbeach? Thank you so much!