Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fishing at Laguna Gloria

After art class we explored the waterside at Laguna Gloria.  A big family was fishing down at the docks.  The dad, David, took interest in Evan (not that he had much choice, but he was v. good natured about it) and patiently showed him the fishing rod, bait and let him cast a few times. 

After a few tries Evan caught his first fish, this little Perch.   Lily got to throw the fish back. David told me, "once a fisherman, always a fisherman".  He may have made a convert.


GrammaG said...

Wasn't it nice of that man to show Evan how to fish. Did they catch anything for supper?

GrammaG said...

Both Grandpa Don and Great Grandpa Joe spent many hours fishing.They loved fishing all year round which included ice fishing. I know Grandpa will be very pleased when he hears about Evans adventure.