Saturday, January 12, 2013

Holden Bio

Holden, four years old.  Our baby is turning five next week!

Holden enjoys sharing.  His favorite pastime is cutting and pasting, making cards, books or other sculptural gifts for his family and friends.  When he is not crafting, he likes building block castles with his older triplet siblings.  He  also has a knack for lego construction and has created many unique vehicles and even a rendition of Perry the Platypus.  Holden is an animal lover and has two pet frogs, Perry (named after the former) and Penelope, as well as a calico cat named JoJo.

He also enjoys the outdoors, going on hikes, collecting rocks or riding his scooter.   He will often offer to sell items from his treasure trove of found objects.  One day he aspires to open his own store or become a pirate.

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