Friday, April 20, 2007

Evan has another tooth!

It is amazing what you get excited by as a new parent. Evan got his second tooth today. I noticed while we were visiting Dr. Denise for his eye exam. Btw - he checked out ok - she was not too concerned by the occasional eye turn but gave us some patches to use for an hour a day to strengthen that eye. He will likely grow out of it as he develops.

Other exciting news, just this past week everyone has been getting up on their hands and knees and rocking, big development for us. Lily is scooting a bit using her arms, comando style and intrigued by the basket of books, trying to pull herself up to grab one. It will not be long before we have mobile babies. Time to put up play gates and to finish our safety proofing.

Speaking of safety. I also had our new convertable car seats installed today since they have outgrown their infant car seats. We had to take up the third row of the Expedition and only have a foot of trunk space. How will we pack up a stroller? Stay tuned...

The babies are getting more interested in each other and their toys. They usually want what everyone else has. Here is Evan trying to steal Lily's bottle - gimme!

Here is 'Memo' playing with his feet. They all like to chew on their toes or shoes, babies are good yogies. That's my baby blanket he just rolled off of :)

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