Sunday, April 22, 2007

Triplet Picnic

Sunday was the Austin Triplets picnic in Zilker park. I've made a lot of new friends through this multiples group. Another great thing about being part of this group is that there are several moms with older triplets. What a great resource that is. It really lets you see what is coming up in the future.

Two of my new friends have triplet toddler girls. I've been so impressed by them both, they make it look so easy. Feeding, sleeping, playing, all on a schedule, happy healthy girls. Lately things have gotten a bit more challenging, their kids are just getting to that mid two range where they are exploring their idependence. They are both super moms, so seeing them struggle with their toddlers is a bit intimidating. Man if they are having trouble, we are really in for it.

The babies had their first train ride on the Zilker kiddie train. Evan was the most enthusastic about the experience, laughing and having a great time. Will was looking around in a bit of awe, soaking it all in, while Lily chewed on her shoe most of the time. David, Grandma G and I enjoyed sharing the ride and views of the park and river with the babies. We all had a great day, but looking back at the photos I was a mess - no makeup, hair falling out of my ponytail, shirt that didn't fit well. I've got to remember that in addition to making sure everyone is fed, diapered, clothed and packed I should take a moment to check myself :)

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