Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Babbling, Scooting, Feeding

Evan is a chatter bug saying Dada and just since Sunday, Mama. Lily isn't really saying any words but has lots of vocalizations. Will still doesn't say much. The doctor had said that we would have to get him away from the other's to talk because he won't if everyone else is talking. I worked with him a bit this weekend. He laugh is a quiet 'hu hu'. So we practiced saying 'hey!' and he finally got it. It is so cute, because now he will say 'hey' when I walk by to grab my attention. I try to pick him up and give him lots of attention when he says it so he will want to communicate more.

Lily is mastering her scooting ability. She can really get around. Last weekend I was paying attention to Will and had my sandwich on a plate on the floor next to me. In a flash she had scooted right over, grabbed the sandwich with two hands and put it in her mouth. Evan is starting to crawl, but backwards. That can cause some frustration, he will want a toy and end up going the wrong direction.

Will is pretty comfortable sitting up now, although he did have a tumble the other day and hit his cheek on his baby keyboard. Poor thing.

We also tried some finger foods, those Gerber puffs and sliced banana. As soon as I put them on their trays, Will picked a puff up and put it in his mouth. Evan and Lily eventually figured it out too. It made a mess but they enjoyed having some independence and it keep them occupied between spoonfuls during the rest of dinner.

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