Monday, November 19, 2007

Making Room for Baby

We had a major house organization/cleanout this past week ending with a successfull garage sale with the Parkers and the Peters over the weekend. We only made $250 but cleared out more than four car loads of stuff. We were finally able to get rid of the TONS of extra baby stuff we accumulated over the last year plus clean out our wardrobes and garage.

We were motivated by Quattro's impending due date (and my subsequent nesting) and our move. Yes, move. We are planning on moving two houses down very soon after Thankgiving because we are starting the BIG PROJECT - we are adding a second floor and remodeling the kitchen.

The new floor will include a bedroom for the triplets, a nursery for Quattro (that will someday be Lily's room), a shared bathroom with large tub and double sinks, plus a family room with a great window seat overlooking the park and lots of toy storage. Down stairs we are changing the layout and converting the current kitchen and study to a large kitchen. David will get a new office out of the deal - we will be converting the trips room now to a small getaway and workspace.

Now I'm ready to take the proceeds from the garage sale and purchase Quattro's crib. He won't get a boutique crib like the trips but they have some cute options online for great prices.

Let me know if you like either of these.

Option 1: Da Vinci Emily Crib

Option 2: Da Vince Roxanne Crib

Oh, and I think he needs LuLu the Lamb.


Anonymous said...

I would go with this one since it converts into a full size bed when he gets bigger, meaning it will last forever :)

Anonymous said...

Oops I mean this one: Da Vinci Emily Crib

Smooch said...

I like the Roxanne aestetically. How realistic is it that any of them (besides Lily of course) is going to have a full-sized bed?

Heather said...

I like the Roxanne one. I hope you are enjoying your time in FL!

Christie said...

I LOVE Lulu and the Roxanne crib/changing table. Exciting about the remodel. You are a brave woman with lots on your plate! Hope travel went well for all of you.

Tia Christy said...

I like the emily the best, but hopefully quatro will sleep like a champ in either one!

Smooch said...

Comment on Lulu. Took the girls to babystyle yesterday at BC mall and tried out the chairs. All the chairs on on sale for $58. Problem w/ Lulu and the other animals w/ noses is that their faces get in the way of the backrest. They have an Ollie the Octupus that seemed more comfortable for mine (no nose).

Happy Home said...

thanks for the tip jenny.

i bought lulu online yesterday - it was on sale and free shipping. if she doesn't work out I can run up to the store and exchange for ollie :)

Smooch said...

In the cuteness dept. Lulu has ollie beat.