Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Adventure

We will be flying to Florida for Thanksgiving this year to visit Grandma G. It will be our first trip to see her with the babies and finally a chance for her to show them off to her friends. I'm looking forward to the trip.

Our first flight with the trio to their great grandma's 90th birthday in June was a bit of a disaster. The babies were actually very good but we had a layover, excessive delays, and a long car ride once we arrived to boot, so by the end they all fell apart and needless to say we were exhausted. At least we had grandparents and David's sister and fiance to help.

We vowed never to travel again, at least not until the kids are in high school, but this is an important trip and last chance to visit grandma before Quattro arrives.

This time it will just be David, me and our trio. We bought an extra ticket so we could put one of our gang in a car seat, the other two will be in our laps. We got a direct flight and are taking the first flight of the day there and back to try and avoid holiday travel troubles. Once we arrive in Florida we will get a rental car with the two extra car seats and drive the remaining hour and a half to my mom's house.

For the plane ride, we will pack plenty of snacks, some new toys and a change of clothes (I forgot this critical item last time and had to buy new clothes in the airport because they were a mess). This time we don't need formula or baby food which simplifies things a bit.

Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

your children are adorable and I love their names.....that's why i'm hoping that Quattro is a made up name while you wait for his arrival. i taught school for 30 years and kids with unusual names often were the butt of teasing from other kids. if it is a serious name perhaps it has special meaning?? just chalk this comment up to an old grannie (for all i know it is the latest hip name!) love your blog and all you share--i sense a wonderful family has been created by all of you.

GrammaG said...

I am sooooo excited about your visit. My friends and neighbors are also happy to finally meet Lily Clare, Evan and Will. I have hired a baby sitter for Saturday while you are away at the UF football game, and also for the Open House. The babysitter is thrilled to meet triplets and I am thrilled to have the help. This grandmother (gramma G) is thankful she will be able to spend Thanksgiving with her grandbabies.

Smooch said...

I will be sending good travel vibes your way. While I'm sad that I'm not going to be with family, I am looking forward to just relaxing here and (sort of) cooking (we ordered a few sides from CM).

Happy Home said...

thanks grannie - yes, 'quattro' is just a nickname for our 'fourth' baby.

we have not found the perfect name yet. let us know if you have any good ideas.

jenny - mmm mmm love CM's holiday food. i was wondering if I could package some up and take them to florida with us.

grandma g - see you soon! xoxo

MaryBeth said...

I think the open house is a wonderful idea... we'll have to do that if we ever make it down to dh's hometown!! Love that picture on the invite too.

The Kenworthy Crew said...

Gramma G did great on the open house invites. We can't wait for the party.