Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my lovely husband.

Daddy Top 10
Thank You For...

10. changing diapers and dressing wiggly kids
9. buying supplies: milk, diapers, wipes, wine and chocolate
8. refilling bottles, sippy cups and wine glasses
7. jogging, waggon rides and trips to the park
6. tucking in to bed and checking in the middle of the night
5. dancing, wrestling and playing ball
4. reading favorite books again and again - 'dora the explorer', 'monster trucks', 'a potty for me'
3. making scrambled eggs and toast in the morning
2. playing favorite game 'Hop on Pop'
1. loving us and being a wonderful dad

We love you,
Jennifer, Lily, Evan, Will and Holden

David with Lily, Will and Evan

and baby Holden.

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