Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hunter Photoshoot

These are not photos of my baby, but photos I took on Friday of my friend Lisa's baby Hunter. Isn't he adorable? If I must say so myself, I think I took nice photos, but what an easy subject.

I was wondering why I don't have as good photos of Holden and vowed to have a session soon for him. But then Evan and I broke my lens. (I put it in toddler reach, then when Evan grabbed it I yelled 'NO' so he dropped it. Note to self, approach wily toddler slowly and 'disarm' gracefully.) So, anyway, need to get that remedied pronto so I can get some good baby photos of my love bug too.Check Spelling Meanwhile you will be getting updates from my point and shoot.


Unknown said...

Uh oh... the lens is broken? Which one?

Happy Home said...

yes,scott. sorry i dropped your other baby.

i broke the fixed zoom lens (don't know the correct name) - the piece with the glass fell out of the rim that focuses (not sure if that makes sense)

maybe it is possible to snap it back in. if not, my camera place gave me the number to Eurotech downtown that has a camera junk yard of replaceable parts.

glad you will be able to take some photos for us soon.


The House That A-M Built said...

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your advice on my blog re my kitchen... I am taking it! I have spoken to my cabinet makers and I am taking half of the end cupboard (on the range side) and adding it to the other end, near the pantry, to centre the range more. It won't be totally central but more symmetrical with a single cabinet each end and more free board between the window and the pantry. My builders hate me as I keep moving windows! ... oh well it is my house and I am paying them for it!! thanks for your advice... you have contributed a little part to my house and when I stand in the kitchen, I will most definitely thank you for it! A-M xx