Sunday, November 02, 2008

And More Halloween Festivities

Party at Jenny & Greg's house.






Lil stinger.

Jessica and Lily.

Dancing late night.


Denise said...

What cute little bees you have!! Thanks for posting their pics. They were adorable. Well, they still are but their costumes were cute.

Michele S said...

I just cannot believe how big the BABY has gotten! He is so so so cute. I just caught up on your blog and the egg photo had me laughing out loud, for real! Tell the eggs to stop laughing at you!

Happy Home said...

i know michele, he is certainly closing ground on our trio. i'm trying to soak every baby minute in because he is growing up so fast.

and just like you described with your baby. he thinks he is a toddler. at this party he went up and sat down at the kids table and started eating with the other kids. he is nine months old!