Sunday, November 02, 2008

Freas Cottage Festivities

Here are a few snapshots from our Halloween party. Most of the photos include Holden. Kids, that is because you are two years old now and too busy to be held or sit still for photos. Well and because no one can resist cuddling with Holden.

Gramma G giving baby his bottle.

Jason and our littlest bug.

Lisa and Hunter.

Hunter porcupine.

Lily with a mouth full of candy.

Alan, Camden, Nolan and Sarah.

Grammy and Papa taking a turn feeding our little bee.

First time trick or treating for Will and Evan. Will wouldn't wear his bee costume so he is wearing an orange shirt but he enjoyed trick or treating and wanted to go inside everyone's house.

Lily wasn't feeling well enough to go trick or treating but came out to give her girlfriends Harper and Lucy a goodbye hug.

Me and baby Holden.

Joelle, baby Evie and David.

Sweetest pumpkin.

David at the end of the night (still with pirate markings) and Holden.

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