Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plays and Preschool Days

Sarah, Devin Bush & Lily Clare as slaves in the story of Moses parting the Sea
Lily's was in her first play today at preschool. The kids go to chapel once a week and each class takes turns putting on the performance.  Here Lily is with two friends and fellow slave cast, dressed and ready for the show.

Luckily Mrs Bush snapped a few photos to capture the moment.

The woman leading would tell each child their lines then hand them the microphone. That's Moses on the left, with Lily and Devin waiting for their turns.  The play turned out very cute, and the young actors were very proud of themselves.


GrammaG said...

Oh, to have been there to witness this special event. Was Lily Clare able to say her words? The concentration of each child is precious!

Kristin @theschellcafe said...

Oh I love this! I saw your blog address on your Christmas card and am having such fun enjoying the glimpses into Team Freas. Sarah is reading over my shoulder with delight!


Happy Home said...

thanks Kristin, don't you just love the preschool plays? they are too cute.