Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily Life with Toddlers

Holden (2), Evan (4), Will (4) and Lily Clare (4)

No school Monday, the kids and I had a fun, full morning.  It is amazing how many things you can do by noon if you have a bunch of todders in tow...we had a big breakfast and got dressed for the day, played in the yard searching for bugs, fed our neighbor's chickens, played with the baby chicks, ran with Lenny the dog, practiced writing names and drawing bats, visited Central Market playground, had lunch alfresco, fed the ducks, fished for tadpoles and climbed trees.  I'm wiped just thinking about it.

Holden and Will

While I was not paying attention, emailing the top photo to my family, Will and Holden managed to climb to top of one of the highest branches ~12 feet high. 

I said to Holden 'Come down, honey', he gave the typical toddler response 'No!' followed by giggles.  I asked another mom for help and we spent the next 15 minutes coaxing him down. Once we finally convinced him to come down he would scoot back a few inches, then try to throw his leg over to jump down while we said 'No, no, no, stay on your bottom! We can't catch you!'.  He had to back himself around two tree limbs that go straight up, then finally be talked through laying onto his belly (Will demonstrated for him) and I was able to grab him while standing on a bench.  So, if the morning didn't wear me out, the adrenaline from the tree rescue did me in.  Spa day anyone?

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GrammaG said...

Oh my goodness. I used to love to climb trees when I was little. I was good at it too...but I am also afraid of heights so I never ventured that high! :D and you have three boys! You will probably be able to write a great book for parents of boys!
Love you! Mom