Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Know You've Got a Good One When...

He'll climb on the roof to put up your Halloween decorations... 

...and take extra care to make sure the legs are wrapped in a lifelike manner.  Meet Itsy, our spider. Will named him.

Btw, I'm enamored with this gorgeous garden roses Lily found at CM.  We were negotiating on which flowers to buy, she wanted roses, I wanted lilies. So we were looking around for something we both liked, when she found these. They are peony-esque and very fragrant and only six dollars.

And other news, our new king bed frame has arrived.  We love it, the shape and color are perfect in our room, it is so soft and comfy. Holden is thoroughly enjoying it too. 

 (If you are looking for a new bed, check out our brother in law's store, Caffrey's Furniture here in Austin.  Our bed is from their store and is made by one of my most favorite furniture companies, Lee Furniture.)


Jim said...

Jennifer - Tell David I have great memories of Halloween with David and our friends growing up. We would try to put on this elaborate haunted house thing in his garage for Halloween. It was a great time. I hope all is well. Nice blog. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I love taking a quick look at the blog once a week an getting the updates! Love my family!

BTW - Thanks for the shout out!