Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Arts

Lily's art school had a show this week. She attends weekly classes with KP, a talented art teacher who holds classes in her home studio. They are introduced to different master artists each week so you will see that influence. Lily loves her creative time and has made new friends.  No surprise, she feels most comfortable hanging with the few boys in the class.

Here is our proud artist by a couple of her creations, self portrait and sunflower.

Art displays. The teacher gave each student these 'artist' ribbons.

Holden enjoyed the show...and the cookies.

Lily is very dedicated in all her activities, art or school. Here she is practicing all of her letters....she studiously completed the entire alphabet.  

Lily also had a dance presentation of the nutcraker this week...or as she says 'the nut show'.  I needed my action setting for these photos, they are a blur but you can kinda get an idea of how much fun she is having expressing her self...and having mom's undivided attention.  It was a low key, in class presentation so I got a few cuddles in between songs. Btw - her class has four set of twins!!

This ballet/tap/jazz class is followed by lunch with the theather. The boys and I watched the puppet show presentation after school.  It's been a good outlet for her to have all this creative time on Monday's while the boys are in school.


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