Sunday, December 04, 2011

Top 5 Fall Moments

Our fall has been packed.  Here are a few of our highlights from falll...

1. We had our first tooth fairy visit.

Lily lost her first tooth on David's birthday and her second bottom tooth the day before Thanksgiving.  She noticed her first tooth missing while taking a bath, we were out to dinner but our babysitter texted us so we had time to plan for the fairy visit. 

We had rose petals from our table at dinner, so I scattered those around her and we put a coin under her pillow. We didn't have any dollar coins so we improvised and used one of the pretty Australian coins from David's business trip.  She looked so sweet sleeping in a bed of rose petals, I wish I had captured a photo.  The boys were a bit envious and are hoping to get a tooth fairy visit soon.  Now we are prepared and have a stash of gold dollar coins.

2.  Pow Wow. 

Black Foot (aka Fast Runner - teacher selected this but Evan prefers to be called Black Foot so we obliged at home), Soaring Hawk and Tiger Lily. 

Black foot and his owl totem.

The American Indian unit at school ended with a fabulous pow wow. The kids crafted their own costumes, the boys made shields and the girls crafted babies wrapped in a papooses. Evan's class made intricate totem poles. Their teachers are impressively creative.

3.  Trick or Treating. 

Evan, Lily, Will and Holden Bots
 The kids requested robots this year, so we created these homemade costumes. The robots turned out great. Only they were easy to trip in and they kids would be stuck on their robot tummies and needed to be repeatedly rescued. At least the box prevented any injuries when they hit the concrete.

Evan 'Robocop'

4. Soccer and More Soccer.

Between, David's game, the trip's game and Holden's game, Sundays were all about soccer.

5.  Will, Evan and Lily's 5th birthday at the Science & Nature center. 

We decided to keep things simple, they each invited just a couple of friends from their class and we enjoyed an afternoon at the Nature Center with a wildlife touch and learn event.

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